EMVEE PRODUCTIONS, a professional production house based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, that offers good quality photography and videography services ranging from commercials to wedding and etc.


EMVEE was founded in 2013, by a young yet passionate Cinematographer, Nixon Ong, who has ventured in the industry for more than 8 years. Along with his partners - James, Aaron and Aden, a team of young blood producers aim high to create satisfying productions and goal to deliver above clients' expectations.

EMVEE, which is always known as the "Wedding Production Specialist" was started with wedding productions in the early year. Over the years, with great opportunities, the company has started to expand to commercial and corporate.


Nixon, the Founder of EMVEE cum Chief Director, is a high passionate cinematographer who never stop learning and creating good video to fascinate people. A very ambitious and patient guy , always aim to create unique productions that could amaze audiences because he believes every event or wedding has their own story to tell and it's vary from one another. Especially in wedding, he always known as a good story teller who is very talented in creating videos not only satisfy your visual but also to touch your heart.


Create the moment scene; capture the unplanned heartfelt scene; make a memorable video; is always his goal in wedding cinematography. 


Aden, the Cinematography Director, is a great team player in Emvee,

very passionate Cinematographer in the field. He plays many

important role in the team, simply a multitasking guy who is there

to ensure the photo/video shooting carried out smoothly.

Like a Key Grip, an important person in the team structure to

take care of shooting gears, equipment set up, scripts, props and etc.

He is also a Foley Artist and Gaffer who takes care of sound recording

and lighting set up.


And most of the time, he is a Cinematographer

who specialized in commercial shooting.


James, the Photography Director, is a moment-rich photographer who could instantly capture fabulous photos that retain every emotional moments. He has numerous years of photography experiences in the East Malaysia and also West Malaysia.


He is also an adventurous photographer that is never afraid of being creative, he finds ways to break through his productions. Someone who never hesitate of lying on beaches or risk himself to climb high, just being determined to create the best artwork to clients.


A very artistic and creative photographer always work hard to create stunning artwork that never disappoint you.


Aaron, the Creative Director, is a creative and artistic person who is talented in both film and food photography. A film lover who has good art directions and used to create literature short film with award winning.

He is also a fun and friendly person who likes to create fun shots, make friends with his clients, make them laugh to reduce his clients' tense in front of the lens.

Other than filming, he is also a foodie who likes to try more good food, styling and photograph them which makes him an advantage of his skill. He is now known as the famous Food Photographer in town.